Those Baby Basics

Stylish Classics For Little Ones

Today, there are so many choices to make because there is so much selection in baby and children's clothing. Often you can find baby and children's clothing with lots of this and that, PCB's and applications and sometimes you just try to find simple elements in nice quiet colors. Yet finding seriously high quality, stylish and practical basic baby and children's clothing is a "mission impossible."

With this thought in mind is in 2010 Those Baby Basics started on small-scale designing and selling stylish baby basics.
The concept proved to be the answer in successfully finding it indispensable, stylish basics in the wardrobe of every baby or toddler.
By the success extends the collection every six months again. But always based on our philosophy: Stylish Basics For Little Ones.

Those Baby Basics has developed a baby clothing line for babies and toddlers from 0 to 2 years. We are convinced that the designs are a must for every baby and toddler. Therefore, Those Baby Basics has developed a line in the softest cottons with a soft finish. Superior quality is used to give this baby clothing a sense of luxury and comfort. After several successful years is Those Baby Basics further expanded under the name Those Basics. This by the growing demand for our clothes in larger sizes.
Those Basics developed the clothing line for toddlers and infants from 2 to 6 years.
Both collections guarantee a perfect fit, use of smooth and soft materials and very great attention to detail.